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We are a family of 5, who have decided to downsize to a 29 ft RV and travel across North America. We will be writing about our travel adventures, healthy living stops, and things to see and do along the way. We will also be touching on our experiences with downsizing (and embracing minimalism!) DIY products, and travel friendly tips and tricks for cooking and living on the road. 

A bit about us:

Dominic finished his PhD in Archeology a year and a half ago, after wearing many hats as an aerospace engineer, life long student and adventurer along the way. He is passionate about science, history, ancient cultures and travel. A self taught Mr Fixit, Dominic has spent the last year honing his skills in home renovation and landscaping, skills we hope will assist us in trouble shooting during our travels! Dominic has an archaeology blog where he posts archaeology content and articles.

Juliette was an actor in a former life, working her way up to a MA in Drama before shifting gears to focus on raising kids and homeschooling. She is a bookworm, yoga enthusiast and gypsy wanderer at heart. She has studied health and nutrition for several years, completing Meghan Telpner's Culinary Nutrition Expert program, the Rouxbe Professional Plant Based Certification and an Herbal Apprenticeship in Victoria, BC. She has a health and wellness blog at, where she posts recipes and healthy living articles. 

Eloise is our eldest, she is an avid bookworm with a strong sense of adventure, who loves to get out into the great outdoors. She has a kind and nurturing spirit, which extends to everyone around her. 

Adele is our younger daughter, a vibrant free spirit who embraces life with arms wide open and invites us to see the world in a whole new way. Our favourite aspect of family movie night is Adele's interpretive dance during end credits.

Armand is a lively and energetic four year old, whose boundless enthusiasm leads him on many new adventures. He loves to regale us with stories, giving us lovely insight into his personality. He is coming into his own, which is beautiful to see.