Travel Resources

Here is a listing of all of the websites & travel resources we've found helpful since we hit the road! If you have any suggestions to add to the list, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Association of Science Technology Centers - Our Telus Science World (Vancouver) membership makes us eligible for reciprocal entry privileges at ASTC member institutions world wide. Click on the hyperlink for documents containing current member institutions.

Adventure Dorks - a couple traveling full time across North America in their van. Their website has some great travel resources and information. - we have been listening to lots of audio books on the road, and find Audible to be a great resource for books (in addition to the Victoria Public Library - or your local library).

Bell Mobile Internet - Bell has some mobile internet options that appear to be similar to the Verizon Jetpack. We'll be looking into their options when we get back to Canada!

Canadian Automobile Association - Our CAA membership has reciprocal benefits with the American Automobile Association, making us eligible for applicable discounts and road service.

Canadian Association of Science Centres - Our Telus Science World (Vancouver) membership also makes us eligible for reciprocal entry at Canadian Association of Science Centre locations across Canada. Click on the hyperlink for a full listing. 

Ditching Suburbia - a family traveling full time across the US. They have lots of great travel resources, including a crowd sourced map with family friendly locations across the US.

Free Campsites - We found this site care of Adventure Dorks. It is a great resource for free and low cost campsites, we have done some boon docking using this site as our guide.

Full Time Families - a membership based site with resources for full time travel families.

Happy Cow - available as both a website and an app, Happy Cow is a wonderful resource for plant-based dining and grocery options. 

Heath & Alyssa Padgett - In addition to their amazing RV Entrepreneur podcast, Heath and Alyssa Padgett also maintain a website with lots of amazing resources for full time RV travel. They hosted their first RV Entrepreneur Summit in February, 2017.

Knorpp and South - a family with 9 kids traveling full time across the US in their RV. They have lots of great YouTube videos chronicling their travels.

Less Junk, More Journey - a couple traveling across North America full time in their Airstream with their little girl.

Living A Good Story - one of the full time RV families we discovered while researching RV life. Their site has some great travel resources.

Marie Kondo - Marie Kondo's Books The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy were a huge inspiration when it came time to downsize everything we owned to 250 sq feet.

The Minimalists - The Minimalists provide amazing resources on simplifying your life to allow space for what really matters. While not specifically centered on travel, this site is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to downsize and simplify (whether traveling or not!) They have provided us with lots if inspiration when we started downsizing our lifestyle.

Passport America - our Passport America membership provides us with a 50% discount at many RV parks across North America (including Mexico). Their site provides a map of eligible campsites. Calling to double checking that locations still offer discount rates and to make advance bookings is recommended. Restrictions apply, check the website for details.

Pearce on Earth - our friends Brandon & Jennifer Pearce host a website that is a fantastic resource for all things travel related. They have been traveling around the world for the past 7 years with their kids and they have a lot of wisdom to share!

Rogers Mobile Internet - Rogers also has some mobile internet options that appear to be similar to the Verizon Jetpack. We will be investigating further when we get back to Canada!

Thousand Trails - a membership based collection of camp sites, with locations across the United States (and one in BC). We started with a two zone for the price of one offer, which made camping down the West Coast of the US very cost effective. Your first 30 days of camping are covered under the membership fees, then each additional night is $3. For full time families living in the US it would be a cost effective option, although as Canadians we are restricted by the number of days we can spend in the US. We like that you can easily book online up to 60 days in advance of your stay.

Verizon Jet Pack - we purchased ours through Digital Shield, LLC, which we found out about through our Full Time Families membership.